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Doha City Guide

Doha, the capital as well as largest city of Qatar, happen to be ideally located in the Persian Gulf. During the recent years, the city has seen rapid growth and has turned into one of the premiers cities in the world to visit and live. With a population of almost one million, the city has been growing with every passing day. The discovery of oil played a highly significant role in spurring its phenomenal growth. Once the population of the city was not much more than 30,000 inhabitants but, today, it has reached almost one million. Speaking of transportation, visitors in Doha can travel around the city through, rental car, taxi and bus.

Doha City Guide

Things to see in Doha

During your stay in Doha must visit the hottest places such as Qatar National Library, the cornice, Souq Waqif, Islamic museum of art, Singing sand dunes.

Qatar National Library: This library happens to be housed in a classic old building on Ras Abu Aboud Street where you get a large of collection of English books.

Corniche: The cornice in Doha is a beautiful sea-side boardwalk offering the panoramic views of sea water and the city. You can take a relaxing walk along the seashore escaping the bustle of the city.

Souqs: There are countless great souks in Doha but Souq Waqif is the best amongst all. Here you can get a aide variety of herbs, food, clothing and falcons. Besides, Omani Souq and the Gold souk for jewelry and gold are the very popular souks in Doha. While visiting, you must not miss these souqs.

Singing Sand Dunes: At a short-drive from the city, there is a desert that is worth venturing. Visitors can go for desert safaris, camping trips and view the important landmarks such as Singing Sand Dunes. The Singing Sand Dunes is a great a natural phenomenon, hence, great spot for adventurers.


Doha city offers a number of great museums allowing the visitors to learn about the cultural heritage of the region. The Islamic Museum of Art has a classic, breathtaking building. This museum offers a wide collection of classic art items from Muslim dynasties of Europe, Africa, and Asia. The Al Khor Museum is yet another very popular museum in Doha featuring archaeological artifacts from the ancient Neolithic period. If you love ancient weapons, Doha’s Weaponry Museum is the right place for you. This museum features an array of weapons from as far back as the 16th century. Following are some of the other great museums in Doha:

Mathaf: Arab Museum Of Modern Art: This is a newly opened museum housing a great collection of Modern Art from the Arab.
Al Wakrah Museum: This museum located in the town of Al Wakrah houses a wide collection of marine life and natural history materials

Doha Clubs and Bars

There are many clubs and bars in Doha where you can enjoy drinks and experience an amazing nightlife. The most popular bars and clubs in Doha are Garvey's, The Water Hole, The Qube, Sherazad, Orion and Cloud 9.

Garvey's: Being ideally located off Salwa road, this club offers the atmosphere of an English pub though alcohol permit is required to be a member.
The Water Hole: This club is located in Doha’s Sheraton hotel where you can enjoy a variety of drinks in the afternoon and a great clubby style in the evenings.
The Qube: The only night club in Doha, the Qube is located in Ramada Hotel on C ring road.

Doha city has hosted several international sports events like the Asian games in 2006 and Pan Arab games in 2011. Furthermore, the city is going to host Olympics in 2020 and FIFA world cup 2022. Doha city offers a subtropical arid climate. During May-September period, the average temperature is over 38 °C (100 °F). During the weathers, the climate is mild and the temperature rarely drops below 7 °C. If you are looking for place to spend vacations or holidays in an environment with a unique cultural vibe, Doha city is the right option for you.

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